Love Your Brain

Bodhi Yoga has partnered with Love Your Brain (LYB) to host a recurring six-week specialized yoga and meditation series that is FREE for people who have experienced a TBI and their caregivers. LYB is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI)—from concussion to severe injury—through programs that build community. The LYB Yoga program supports people who have experienced a TBI and their caregivers to participate in community-based gentle yoga, guided meditation classes tailored to their needs, as well as facilitated group discussions. LYB’s co-founder, Kevin Pearce, believes that everyone should have an opportunity to improve and restore their physical and emotional well-being through these practices. Love Your Brain is the message that embodies a more positive approach to brain injury prevention and recovery. Everything LYB does is about connecting, educating and empowering people to promote a brain healthy lifestyle.

Outside of the six-week program, we’ve also indicated on our web scheduler which classes are accessible for people affected by TBI with a LYB Friendly sticker.

Trini Foundation

September is National Recovery Month. Every year, Bodhi Yoga hosts a donation-based class benefiting Taylor Hunt’s Trini Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing the life-changing practice of Ashtanga yoga to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It's their mission to provide yoga as a tool to aid in the recovery process and help those who are suffering maintain a long-term sobriety.

From their website: “As I learned more about yoga, I discovered that the principles of recovery and the principles of Ashtanga yoga are highly complementary to each other. Combined, they provide an effective tool for self-transformation. Because my life has been profoundly affected by yoga, I want to share the practice with as many people as possible. I am no longer ashamed of my story. The more I talk with others about it, the more I realize that we have all struggled with something. I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to struggle alone. I established the Trini Foundation as a way to introduce the healing practice of Ashtanga to people recovering from addiction as well as individuals in other undeserved communities. I believe in the transformational power of the practice and that everyone can begin a new chapter in their own stories.” ― Taylor Hunt