New Student Special 

30 Days of Unlimited Yoga Classes for only $39 


 Our introductory offer is the perfect way to try out all of our classes before committing to a more consistent practice. Yoga is a highly versatile regimen, discover which class will help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Offer is available to any student new to the studio, no commitment to a future plan necessary. May only be purchased in studio. Additional discounts may not be applied.

Kids Drop-In

Ages 8-16 years old, $6. May purchase in studio only.


Please read our Terms + Conditions before purchasing!

Digital Gift Cards, Private Yoga Classes & Corporate Yoga Sessions Available

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Applicable Discounts & Additional Information

Mats for Practice - We offer mats to rent for $2 per day. We also have quality mats available for purchase in studio. All active members receive a 10% discount on merchandise.

Student, Senior & Military discounts available - Students 24 years old or younger may receive 20% off the one-year membership. Active, reserve or former members of the military may also receive 20% off of the one-year membership. Seniors 65 years old or older may also receive 20% off of our one year plan. A valid and/or relevant ID must be presented at the time of purchase in studio to receive any of the above discounts. Discounts may not be combined. Excludes limited class packages.

Spouses - Spouses of students with a current/active unlimited monthly membership may receive a 20% discount on the one-year membership. Inquire at reception. One student must pay his/her full membership fee amount in order for their spouse to qualify for this discount; discounts may not be combined. Excludes limited class packages.

Workshops & Promotions - For those unsure of what the Members’ 10% Workshop Discount applies to: Occasionally, the studio will host a workshop, special yoga series or promotional event that will take place outside of our regularly scheduled classes. Workshops and workshop series are class modules that may incorporate instruction focused on a particular element of a practice, an activity that can complement a yoga practice and elements from other exercise/spiritual regimens such as Tai Chi. For example, we offer a Beginners' Yoga Workshop series every so often that offers students the opportunity to learn more about the foundations, goals and advantages of different types of yoga practice; instruction tends to be more personalized and students are encouraged to interact with the instructor during the session in order to address a specific issue with a particular pose or element of the practice that he/she finds challenging so that they may work through it together. The series is typically taught in three sessions approximately 1.5hrs to 2hrs each over the course of a weekend. The member’s discount would be applicable to these class modules; the modules themselves may differ in name but will always contain the word Workshop or Workshop Series for clarity. Special yoga series can include partnerships with other local businesses or charities; in the past, we've hosted specialized yoga classes for the local Running Club that focused on opening and improving the tendons, ligaments and connective tissues especially stressed during running sessions. An example of a promotional event would be our "Stretch & Sip" sessions with a local brewery. This normally entails a standard format, one-hour yoga class in studio followed by traveling as a group to the brewery to enjoy a pint of beer together as a class. These events each have different pricing options and, again, are hosted outside of our regularly scheduled classes, so unlimited memberships and limited class packages may not be applied to the cost of participation in any of these special events. Members (students with active, recurring payment plans) may still take 10% off the cost of workshops & workshop series if purchased in studio. Members' workshop discount excludes promotional events and specialized yoga series.

Transferring Packages - Partially used, limited class packages may not be transferred between students. Class packages may not be used by multiple students. If you have an unused, valid limited class package, you may inquire at reception to see if your package may be transferred. Unlimited memberships may not be transferred.

Placing Membership on Hold - The Yearly Membership may be placed on a hold for up to two months for vacation, traveling, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the studio of any such need a minimum of two weeks before his/her next monthly payment is due to process. The New Student Special may be purchased up to thirty days before attending a class; the thirty-day duration will begin from the day of the first class. If a student fails to attend a single class within thirty days of the date of purchase, the New Student Special will expire and he/she will not have the option to purchase it again. Limited Class Packages’ validity will not be extended beyond their stated expiration date.